Furness Chemicals Limited is one of the leading Industrial Chemical manufacturers and suppliers, meeting the demands of various industries. Our products are second to none and comply with the highest standards. By pursuing and implementing the highest standards of excellence in our operations, we have nurtured our capabilities.

Furness Chemicals Limited (Formally Diversey Corporation E C Limited) established itself in the year 1969 as a mid-sized company gradually banking on industry knowhow and commitment towards excellence; we evolved as one of the leading suppliers of quality cleaning chemicals catering to a number of local and international clients. Through an unwavering focus on quality, commitment and delivery, we have charted our way to success in our operations and have won the admiration of our customers.



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Furness Chemicals Product Catalog

Description:A revolutionary all purpose liquid cleaner. It will remove at appropriate dilutions, wax, oil, grease, gum, dye, ink, soap, carbon, and lipstick. It can safely be used on all metals, plastics, rubber, leather, leatherette, porcelain, concrete, terrazzo, glass, wood and paints (except water based paints). Effective wetting agents are combined with special inorganic and organic builder solvents to produce an outstanding performance on and almost unlimited variety of contaminations.
Use: Concentration will vary widely according to the cleaning problem. Our representative can advise on use concentrations for specific cleaning operations. A convenient plastic hand sprayer is available for use with this product.

Description: A powerful industrial-strength multi-purpose cleaner with a fresh orange scent that will remove the toughest dirt and stains from most surfaces; kitchen counter-tops to bathroom sinks and toilets. Cleans ovens, counters, hoods, cabinets, decks, walls, shower stalls and shower doors, tools, tyres and greasy grills. Removes gum, lipstick, label and tape goop, engine grease and more.
Use: Concentration will vary according to the cleaning job. Our Furness Representative will advise on the concentrations for specific cleaning operations. A convenient plastic hand sprayer is available for use with this product.

Description: Autocare is a yellow, free-flowing, granular product which is non-dusting and non-caking. It dissolves readily in warm or cold water to give a clear mildly alkaline solution. Autocare is specially designed for cleaning pained exteriors of cars, trucks, buses, boats and aircraft. Autocare is a one-step pressure wash compound for vehicles.
Use: Spray cleaning. Make a solution of 1/3 - O ounce of Autocare per gallon of water. Wet the entire surface to be cleaned. Spray clean each section thoroughly. Let the solution do the work. The loose soil is quickly and easily removed during the spray cleaning. Rinse with cold water and allow to drain dry. Chamois glass and chrome as necessary.
Manual Cleaning: Make a solution 1-3 ounces per gallon of water. Apply with sponge of cloth. Rinse with cold water.

Description: A liquid spray-on engine shampoo. It is easy to use and thoroughly cleans all typical oil and greasy engine surfaces in a matter of minutes. Safe on all engine surfaces, parts and wiring with which it comes into contact. Simply spray on, allow chemical cleaning action to take place for 5-10 minutes and then spray rinse the contamination.
Use: Can be used straight or diluted with up to 3 parts of kerosene or gas oil.

Description: A silicone tyre shine that gives the "Wet Black" look and lasts for days, It is popularly used in the new car industry, rent-a-car companies and auto mechanic repair shops.
Use: Spray on tyres and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Description: A fine granular product with the penetrating power needed to manually clean greasy dishware, cutlery, pots and pans. It is strong on dirt but easy on hands. Safe on Aluminum.
Dilution: 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of water.

Description: A concentrated and superior liquid detergent for manual dishwashing and general purpose cleaning. Formulated at the highest concentration possible for an effective cleaner, it will give excellent results at only O - ° the concentration required for most granular products. Instantly soluble, long solution life, softens water and is free rinsing. A high sudsing action is characteristic of this product. Excellent cleaning action leaving surfaces film and spot free.
Use: Dilute as required. Available in industrial and domestic formulations.

Description: A machine dishwashing compound of unequalled soil capacity, cleaning strength, stain and scale control. Every chemical component of this product has been carefully selected to meet the exacting requirements of a mechanical dishwashing compound. It contains no inactive fillers. Specialized chemical action prevents the redesposition of soil, resulting in food residues being readily and completely removed from all dishware, silverware and utensils. Its water softening abilities virtually eliminate any scale build-up in the wash tank or wash arms. Eliminates film build up on china and plastic-ware thus no staining results.
Use: O ounce per gallon at 140 - 160F

Description: The chlorinated dishwashing compound which has been designed specifically for use in machine dishwashing where greater stain prevention is desired. Its superior cleaning action and free rinsing ability leave dinnerware, glasses and silverware sparkling and free from water spots and film. Penetrates scratched surfaces to remove deeply embedded stains. Equally effective on plasticware.
Dilution: Q ounce per gallon of water at 140 - 160F.

Description: A highly concentrated hand dishwashing liquid specially formulated to be gentle on hands. Excellent for greasy pots and pans and safe to use on delicate china and silverware. Available in lime and orange fragrances.
Use: Add concentrated liquid to warm, clean water to produce a soapy solution. Apply to areas of grease and grime using a sponge or brush. Rinse with clean water.

Description: Compounded for special effectiveness against soils on hospital and laboratory equipment with only pryogen-free ingredients for utmost safety. Use: For the manual cleaning and rapid removal of dried-on blood, fat and tissue, residues from intravenous equipment, surgical instruments, formula bottles, slides, needles, syringes and miscellaneous laboratory equipment.
Dilution: 1/3 - ft ounce per gallon of water at 110-125F

Furn-Pool Chlorine is a completely pure granular chlorine compound. It is designed to completely chlorinate the pool. The product destroys algae, bacteria, virus and a long list of undesirable organic matter to enhance the natural appearance of the POOL WATER and to maintain a healthy environment. Furn-Pool Chlorine is a leading product in the POOL system.

Furn-Pool pH Powder is a pure light free-flowing product. A clear advantage is that it is a very mild product easy on the hands. Furn-Pool pH UP Powder goes into solution very readily to increase the pH of the pool water in only a few minutes.

Furn-pool Chlorine Stabilizer is a pure companion product for Furn-Pool Chlorine. This product is a very mild acid and stable under normal conditions. Furn-Pool Chlorine stabilizer goes into solution to provide instant savings in chlorine cost.

A strong acid solution for use in reducing pool pH. It is used together with pH Up in maintaining neutral pool conditions.

Description: Its cleaning and bacteriostatic actions keep conveyors clean and odour free. Fumlube 2100 is formulated for use in water of 150-350 ppm. hardness. A high dilution lubricant, (1.80 to 1:120) Furnlube 2100 features a unique combination of dispersants that reduces precipitation and line clogging. Breweries, Beverage Plants, Canning Plants, Dairies and other food processing plants have found Furnlube 2100 the ideal water soluble lubricant for conveyor systems.
Use: Consult your Furness Representative.

Description: A superior lubricator with controlled foam factor which is not sensitive to water pH value. Fum Lube 2100 Tetra maintains good sanitary conditions by removing excessive build-ups and may be used for all types of packages and conveyors with the exception of tetra packages printedwith water soluble colours.
Use: Consult your Furness Representative.

Description:- Laundrex is a "hot" (highly alkaline) one shot laundry detergent designed to yield superior washing results on medium or heavy soil classifications. Laundrex has been formulated to achieve complete soil removal on even the dirtiest loads without having to use a time-consuming two-stage "break-suds" sequence. Specially designed for use in hospitals and on oil rigs.
Use: 6 to 16 ozs. per 100 pounds of dry weight fabric depending on degree of soil.

Description: A synthetic detergent commonly referred to as the "soap product" which is employed in the suds operation. It is compounded to provide the wetting action and detergency required for maximum soil removal, along with soil suspending agents. Its free rinsing qualities are an aid to the prevention of alkaline build-up on the washed clothes which, together with its powerful cleaning action produces brighter whites and colours.
Use: For every 100lbs dry weight of fabric, use a concentration of 4-12 ounces with a temperature of 150 - 170 F, for a period of 8 - 10 minutes at low water level. If multiple suds are used, then 5 minutes for each is sufficient.

Description: A stable organic chlorine bleach, possessing excellent whitening and common stain removing action. This product has a chlorine level of 18% and is compounded with complex phosphates which have the ability of a final sudsing action during the bleach operation. Its excellent controlled bleaching action protects tensile strength loss.
Use: 2-3 ounces of bleach per 100 pounds of clothes will give effective bleaching action. For more heavily stained work, it may prove beneficial to increase this to 4 ounces, and for very light stain 1 ounce may suffice.

Description: A powdered product designed to soften a wide range of fabrics as will permit easier handling and processing of washed goods. Softex imparts a light, clean fragrance to fabrics.
Use: In a multi-cycle formula, it is normally added in the souring stage. Do not rinse after using Softex.

Use: Concentrated Pine Disinfectant. Dilute as necessary and apply with clean mop.
Dilution: One to four ounces per gallon of water.

Description: A liquid, detergent, sanitizer containing specially selected new quaternary ammonium germicide with exceptional hard water tolerance. It is effective against antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus compounded with the latest technological advances in cleaning agents, and leaves no film or streaking. Especially designed for hospital floors, walls, bed and bathroom fixtures, and instruments. It is equally effective for the quick washing and disinfecting of glasses in bars.
Dilution: 2 ounces per gallon of water.

Description: A crystalline sodium hypochiorite bactericide, giving remarkable penetrating and germicidal action. It is non-corrosive, softens water, stable and easy to use. Its stability is derived from the available chlorine remaining chemically "locked" within each crystal until the crystal is dissolved. Loss of available chlorine during storage is eliminated.
Dilution: For rinse method, use D ounce per gallon of water to yield about 100 ppm; for spray method, use 1 fl ounce per gallon of water to yield about 300 ppm.

Description: Cleans most washable surfaces in the household. Wipes away grease and dirt, including hand prints, heelmarks, food stains, etc., around the house. Can safely be used on cupboards, doors, floors, refrigerators, countertops, stoves, ceramic tiles, enamel, etc.
Use: Spray and wipe, no rinsing needed. Cleans and disinfects. Ready to use.
Fragrances: Lemon, Bayberry, Cherry, Herbal, Pine and Lavender.

Description: A white, fluffy compound which exhibits cleaning power not approached by ordinary equipment cleaners. The low density of Dairy Maid will encourage economical operation. It has been compounded to strike fast al the contamination, soften and loosen the residues quickly, remove them completely and rinse them away easily. Dairy Maid solutions last longer.  This is demonstrated by their retaining excellent emulsifying and dispersing qualities after heavy use and accumulation of considerable residues in the solution
Use: Excellent for delicate surfaces such as aluminum or zinc Dilution: ° ounce per gallon of water.

Description: A moderately alkaline equipment cleaner especially designed for manual cleaning operations. Powerful cleaning action, long solution life and unusual soil dispersion characteristics have given this product wide acceptance for a variety of general cleaning operations. Excellent draining and rinsing qualities. Easy on the hands.
Dilution: 1/3 - 1 ounce per gallon of water.

Description: A free flowing granular product. This product is a specially heavy duty floor cleaner for the removal of moss, oils, greases and other stubborn soils from concrete floors. Uses heavy duty alkaline ingredients plus the powerful cleaning and deodorizing action of pine oil for exceptional performance on industrial floor soils. Has a solvent-like action which removes embedded grime. Contains no caustic alkali and will not damage concrete floors.

  1. Dampen Floor
  2. Sprinkle a moderate layer of Mossmove Concrete Cleaner
  3. Agitate surface with a stiff brush
  4. Hose off with clean water.

Description: Rug Upholstery shampoo is a clear liquid with a pleasant almond aroma. It is scientifically compounded from the finest ingredients and has a very stable lather. It's non-inflammable, non-toxic and it features abundant cleaning power with a minimum of wetting.
Use: Carpet Kleen is used for shampooing carpets in aircrafts, automobiles, hotels, offices, restaurants, institutions and homes. Also for cleaning vinyl and fabric upholstery in autos, aircrafts and furniture.
Dilution: 1 part Carpet Kleen to 12 parts of warm water.

Description: A powerful insecticide which employs synergized pyrethrum carried in an odourless hydrocarbon oil base, providing faster knock-down and maximum kill power against flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, silverfish, beetles and other crawling and flying insects. Highly effective against the German roach.  The product by test gives 99% knock-down and 97% kill.
Use:  Should be dispensed through mechanical fogging apparatus and can be used in thermal foggers. Cover food stuff before spraying area; harmless to equipment, machinery or utensils.

REFLECTA floor polish
Description: A non-skid metal crosslinked polymer floor polish, resistant to detergent, self-shipping and slip resistant.   Ideal for wooden floors, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl, polished stone and floors that do not need wax.
Apply Reflecta Polish to clean dry floor with a clean mop or wool applicator and allow to dry for twenty-minutes   For best results, apply two thin coats on each application.

Description: A heavy-duty, chlorinated powder, designed for cleaning hot and cold processing lines. Its extra chlorine detergency and solution life gets equipment bright and clean. Dairy Clean cleans, deodorizes and destains. It is a unique blend of chlorine and reserve alkalinity to produce long-life solutions that allow extra cleanings per solution with minimum up-keep. The superior cleaning qualities of Dairy Clean often inhibit milkstone formation. It is a superior cleaner for storage tanks, milk lines, C.I.P. systems, HTST Units, processing vats, transfer systems, over the road tankers, holding tanks, flavor vats
Use: Circulate Dairy Clean at a concentration of 2 to 3 ounces per gallon of hot water (135-150F) for 15 to 20 minutes.

Description: A liquid acidic cleaner for the fast removal of milkstone in dairy and dairy farm equipment and for C.I.P. cleaning. Excellent as well for the removal of moderate lime deposit on any equipment and moderate stain removal from the floors.
Use: Its use will vary widely according to the contamination to be removed. Consult your Furness Representative.

Description: Metal X is a chemical product designed to remove rust and oil from steel in preparation for painting. It is a liquid mixture, non inflammable, non-toxic and is prepared from phosphoric acid, water soluble oil solvents, wetting agents and emulsifiers. It neutralizes all corrosive agents and etches the metal, giving it irvmany cases, a thin phosphate coating which will lengthen the life of paint applied over it and improve its lustre.
Use: Metal X is used mainly on steel, but all other commonly used metals, such as aluminum, galvanize or terne plate can be satisfactory prepared for painting with Metal X.

Description: Compounded from various types of acids, along with various reagents, this product is especially designed for the removal of hard water scale. It contains special compounds and possesses inhibiting action which render it safe to use on steel, iron and copper. Should not be used on nickel, aluminum, white metal, glass, tin or various alloys of metals.
Use: Will vary with condition of scale. Consult your Furness Representative.

Description: A lotionized liquid hand detergent that has excellent cleaning characteristics while combating dishpan hands. Ideal for hand-cleaning operations in hospitals, kitchens, schools and institutional kitchens. This concentrated liquid can be proportioned easily, has a neutral pH reaction, is pleasantly perfumed and has a creamy pink colour. It contains lanolin and glycerine to keep skin soft and replace oils of the skin. It is a fast wetting and powerful cleaning detergent which rinses quickly and freely; dishes, flatware and glasses are spot-free and streak-free.
Dilution: Add 1 to 5 ounces of Pink Poui per gallon of water.



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